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UKZN Law Professor Publishes Two Books in 2 Years



UKZN Law Professor Publishes Two Books in 2 Years

UKZN Law Professor Publishes Two Books in 2 Years. Distinguished academic and A-rated National Research Foundation researcher, Professor David McQuoid-Mason, hailing from the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), has demonstrated exceptional scholarly prowess by co-authoring two significant books within a mere span of two years.

These works delve into disparate yet crucial subjects, showcasing McQuoid-Mason’s expertise not only within South Africa but also on an international scale.

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Acknowledging Street Law Pioneers

In 2019, Professor McQuoid-Mason orchestrated the editing and co-authoring of a remarkable piece titled Street Law and Public Legal Education: A collection of best practices from around the world in honour of Ed O’Brien, published by Juta & Co. (Pty) Ltd. This publication pays homage to the esteemed Ed O’Brien, an honorary LLD graduate of UKZN and a pivotal figure in establishing the United States Street Law program.

Notably, McQuoid-Mason’s involvement in the inception of the first international Street Law program outside of the United States underscores his profound contributions to legal education.

An Inclusive Global Discourse

Within the pages of this seminal work, McQuoid-Mason meticulously traces the evolution of the Street Law movement, offering insights into its South African iteration. Additionally, the book delves into Street Law teaching methodologies, featuring iconic lessons from the United States that have been adapted for diverse contexts, including South Africa and other developing nations.

Moreover, it incorporates model lessons from a myriad of countries worldwide, underscoring the global impact of Street Law and public legal education.

Pioneering in Bioethics and Health Law

Building upon his prior success, McQuoid-Mason embarks on another scholarly endeavor in collaboration with Professor Ames Dhai, a distinguished authority in Bioethics and Health Law. The duo presents an expanded second edition of their acclaimed work titled Bioethics, Human Rights and Health Law: Principles and Practice, published by Juta & Co. (Pty) Ltd.

This collaborative effort, endorsed by the School of Clinical Medicine at the Faculty of Health Sciences at Wits and the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies at UKZN, aims to equip professionals and students with the theoretical framework and practical tools essential for navigating the intricate domains of bioethics, human rights, and health law.

Addressing Contemporary Challenges

McQuoid-Mason and Dhai ingeniously intertwine core curriculum topics with pertinent issues catalyzed by contemporary events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The book meticulously examines the practitioner-patient relationship, consent, confidentiality, justice, and resource allocation, offering comprehensive guidance to professionals across healthcare, legal, and social science domains.

A Testimony to Collaborative Scholarship

Reflecting on his collaborative endeavors, McQuoid-Mason expresses profound gratitude for the enriching experiences shared with colleagues and friends globally. His partnership with Professor Dhai underscores the symbiotic relationship between academia and real-world application, shaping the discourse on bioethics and health law in Africa and beyond.


In essence, Professor David McQuoid-Mason remarkable journey exemplifies a commitment to advancing legal education and fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, thereby leaving an indelible mark on the realms of Street Law, bioethics, and health law.

Through his prolific scholarship, he continues to inspire generations of scholars and practitioners, championing the pursuit of knowledge and social justice.

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