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UKZN Hosts Online Workshop On Teaching And Learning



UKZN Hosts Online Workshop On Teaching And Learning

UKZN Hosts Online Workshop On Teaching And Learning.The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) took proactive measures to equip its academic staff with the necessary tools and skills. Hosted virtually in November, the Online Teaching and Learning Workshop Series, organized by the Human Resources Division, emerged as a pivotal intervention aimed at empowering educators to navigate the digital realm of education effectively.

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Exploring the Workshop Series

The workshop series, consisting of five enlightening sessions, provided a comprehensive roadmap for academic staff to engage dynamically with students in the virtual classroom.

Navigating the Digital Terrain

Led by Dr. Upasana Singh, the inaugural webinar, titled “Navigating Online Teaching and Learning,” delineated eight crucial skill sets imperative for educators transitioning to online platforms. From fostering digital literacy to mastering time management, participants gleaned insights on optimizing online lectures for enhanced student engagement.

Embracing Digital Pedagogy

In the subsequent session, Dr. Singh delved into the nuances of “Digital Pedagogy,” illuminating diverse teaching methodologies tailored for virtual environments. By embracing student-centered approaches and leveraging technology, educators were encouraged to craft immersive learning experiences attuned to students’ unique needs and learning styles.

Celebrating Student Diversity

Professor Sophia Manning and Dr. Angela James enriched the discourse in a session dedicated to recognizing student diversity and learning styles. Through interactive discussions and practical examples, educators gained valuable strategies to accommodate varied cultural backgrounds and learning preferences, fostering inclusivity in virtual classrooms.

Mastering the Art of Virtual Lectures

“Professionalizing Virtual Lectures” emerged as a pivotal session, empowering educators with advanced techniques to optimize virtual teaching platforms like Zoom. From utilizing virtual backgrounds to enhancing presentation aesthetics, participants acquired invaluable skills to deliver polished and engaging online lectures.

Empowering Students for Success

In the culminating session, emphasis shifted towards empowering students for effective virtual learning. Dr. Singh underscored the importance of cultivating empathy and emotional intelligence, urging educators to support students amidst the challenges of online education. Practical strategies were shared to assist students in navigating virtual learning environments and fostering digital citizenship.


As the workshop series drew to a close, Mrs. Busisiwe Ramabodu commended Dr. Singh’s dedication and expertise in facilitating transformative learning experiences. The resounding success of the Online Teaching and Learning Workshop Series underscored UKZN commitment to excellence in education, equipping its staff with the requisite skills to thrive in the digital age.

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