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Staff At The UKZN Are Invited To Participate In A Survey



Staff At The UKZN Are Invited To Participate In A Survey

Staff At The UKZN Are Invited To Participate In A Survey. The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) recently conducted an Employee Engagement Survey, providing staff members with a platform to voice their opinions on various matters. This initiative aimed to facilitate constructive feedback crucial in molding the university into an employer of preference.

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UKZN Survey Results and Participation

Acting Executive Director of the Human Resources (HR) Division, Mr. Paul Finden, expressed enthusiasm regarding the survey results. He announced a commendable 37% overall participation rate, marking a significant increase compared to previous years. This surge in engagement reflects the dedication and zeal of the workforce.

UKZN Recognition and Appreciation

Finden extended gratitude to all employees who dedicated their time to complete the survey. As a gesture of appreciation, the HR Division identified the top three divisions with the highest response rates: Teaching and Learning, Human Resources, and Finance. These divisions were acknowledged for their active involvement and contribution.

UKZN Future Steps

Finden emphasized the significance of the survey results, which will be presented to the University Executive Management. Subsequently, focus group sessions will be conducted to delve deeper into the findings. This will pave the way for the formulation of an action plan aimed at reinforcing existing strengths and addressing areas requiring improvement.


In concluding his remarks, Finden reiterated HR’s commitment to driving positive change within UKZN. The collective efforts towards enhancing the university’s work environment underscore the institution’s aspiration to become an employer of choice.

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