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UKZN Registers Over 40 000 Students



UKZN Registers Over 40 000 Students

UKZN Registers Over 40 000 Students. The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) has achieved a significant milestone with the successful registration of over 40,000 students for the 2024 academic year.

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UKZN Registration Statistics

In a recent announcement, UKZN revealed that a total of 44,066 students have been registered, including 11,750 first-year students. The registration process, which concluded last Friday, also saw 18,300 students placed in university-owned or university-accredited residences.

Among the registered students, 29,548 returning students completed their registration online, while 11,750 first-time entering students (FTENs) and 2,768 internal/external transfer students opted for online registration.

Distribution Across Colleges

The majority of registered students, totaling 20,873, are enrolled in programmes within the College of Humanities. Additionally, 9,328 students registered for programmes in the College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science (CAES), 7,718 in the College of Law and Management Studies (CLMS), and 6,147 in the College of Health Sciences (CHS).

Smooth Registration Process

Executive Director of Corporate Relations, Normah Zondo, expressed UKZN’s satisfaction with the registration process, highlighting minimal disruptions. Zondo extended gratitude to the academic and professional staff for their diligent efforts in ensuring a smooth registration experience. When challenges arose, prompt action was taken to address them.


UKZN extends appreciation to all stakeholders involved in facilitating the registration process, including parents, students, and student leadership. The successful registration of over 40,000 students underscores the university’s commitment to providing quality education and fostering a conducive learning environment.

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