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Teaching Advances at Universities: UKZN Academics Participate



Teaching Advances at Universities: UKZN Academics Participate

Teaching Advances at Universities: UKZN Academics Participate. Dr. Sharmla Rama from the College of Humanities, Professor Shenuka Singh representing the College of Health Sciences, and Dr. Annah Bengesai hailing from the College of Law and Management Studies recently embarked on a transformative journey as part of the fourth cohort of the TAU initiative.

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Insights into TAU Fellowship Programme

The TAU Fellowship Programme serves as a pivotal nationwide initiative, spearheading the enhancement of teaching quality and the professionalization of pedagogical practices within public higher education institutions.

Embraced as an integral component within the Department of Higher Education and Training’s (DHET) National Framework for Advancing Academics as University Teachers, TAU receives funding through the University Capacity Development Programme (UCDP), underscoring its collaborative nature.

Themes Driving Progress

Structured around three fundamental themes, the TAU programme encompasses Teaching Engagement and Responsiveness, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, and Contributing to Change in Context. By delving into these themes, participants are equipped with the tools and insights necessary to evolve as proactive agents of change within the higher education landscape.

Endeavors of TAU Fellows

Each TAU Fellow embarks on a distinctive research endeavor aimed at honing their capacities for engagement, reflection, and catalyzing transformative change within the academic sphere. Dr. Rama’s project delves into the nuanced realm of Academic Monitoring and Support Staffs’ Reflections, addressing challenges and experiences in negotiating intersecting identities and realities.

Professor Singh’s focus lies on Technology-Assisted Engagement for Academic Success and Holistic Student Wellness within the Health Sciences domain. Dr. Bengesai’s research explores The Impact of AMS Interventions on Student Persistence, shedding light on crucial factors influencing student retention at UKZN.


The participation of UKZN academics in the TAU Fellowship Programme underscores the institution’s unwavering commitment to fostering teaching excellence and nurturing a culture of continuous improvement. Through their dedicated research projects, Dr. Rama, Professor Singh, and Dr. Bengesai epitomize the spirit of innovation and scholarly inquiry, contributing invaluable insights towards shaping a more inclusive and socially-just higher education landscape.

As these academics continue to champion transformative practices, their endeavors serve as beacons of inspiration, propelling the collective journey towards a brighter educational future.

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