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Nick Evans Educated UKZN Employees About Snakes



Nick Evans Educated UKZN Employees About Snakes

Nick Evans Educated UKZN Employees About Snakes. UKZN Extended Learning (UEL) recently took a proactive step to educate its employees about the fascinating world of snakes. In an hour-long session, they invited Nick Evans, a renowned expert in amphibian and reptile conservation, to share his expertise on how to safely and respectfully coexist with these often misunderstood creatures.

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Nick Evans| The Expert Behind the Session

Nick Evans, the founder of KZN Amphibian & Reptile Conservation, is well-known for his work in educating the public about reptiles. His insightful and entertaining presentation covered a range of topics designed to debunk myths and provide practical advice on dealing with snakes.

Key Takeaways from the Session

The session was packed with valuable information, including:

  1. Common Snake Myths: Evans addressed and dispelled common misconceptions about snakes that are prevalent in many communities. These myths often contribute to unnecessary fear and harmful behaviors towards these reptiles.
  2. Effectiveness of Snake Repellents: The discussion included an evaluation of the repellents commonly used to keep snakes away. Evans highlighted their impacts, or lack thereof, providing evidence-based insights.
  3. Ecological Importance of Snakes: Snakes play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems. Evans emphasized their importance and the benefits they bring, such as controlling pest populations.
  4. Predators of Snakes: The session also covered the types of animals that feed on snakes, offering a glimpse into the complex food webs in which snakes are involved.
  5. Encountering a Snake: Practical advice was given on what to do when encountering a snake. This included safe practices to follow to avoid harm to both humans and snakes.
  6. Snake Bite Protocol: Vital information was provided on what actions to take if bitten by a snake, which is critical for ensuring prompt and effective medical treatment.

Live Demonstration

To enhance the learning experience, Nick Evans brought along three different snakes for a live demonstration. This hands-on approach allowed UEL employees to see the reptiles up close and personal, helping to demystify them and reduce fear.

Impact on UEL Employees

The session was highly informative and well-received by UEL employees. Armed with new knowledge and practical skills, they now feel more confident and prepared to handle future encounters with snakes. This educational initiative underscores the importance of continued learning and awareness in fostering a safer and more informed community.


By hosting this session with Nick Evans, UKZN Extended Learning has not only empowered its employees but also contributed to a broader understanding and appreciation of snakes. This initiative reflects the institution’s commitment to safety, education, and environmental conservation.

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