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UKZN Extended Learning Equips Learners for Their Career Goals



UKZN Extended Learning Equips Learners for Their Career Goals

UKZN Extended Learning Equips Learners for Their Career Goals. UKZN Extended Learning (UEL) plays a pivotal role in helping learners make informed decisions about their career paths. By attending events such as the Career Dissemination Exhibition, UEL ensures that learners are well-equipped with the necessary information to navigate their post-matric futures. This article delves into the recent exhibition at Pinetown Boys High School in Durban and highlights UEL’s commitment to supporting learners.

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Career Dissemination Exhibition

The Career Dissemination Exhibition, hosted by the Department of Education (KZN), was held at Pinetown Boys High School in Durban. This event specifically targeted selected areas in Durban North West and Umhlathuzana Circuit. The aim was to provide Grade 12 learners with valuable insights and information that would aid them in their career decision-making process.

Engaging with Learners

During the exhibition, Grade 12 learners attended alongside their teachers. The presence of educators was instrumental as they assisted students in navigating through the plethora of information available. The learners, while excited and optimistic about their futures, felt somewhat overwhelmed by the volume of information presented to them. However, with the guidance of their teachers and support from their parents, these students are better equipped to make informed decisions regarding their career paths.

Role of UKZN Extended Learning

UKZN Extended Learning recognizes the importance of such exhibitions in shaping the career choices of young learners. By participating in these events, UEL can directly interact with students, offering them crucial information and guidance. UEL provides a variety of bridging and access courses, giving students who may not have met the initial requirements another opportunity to attend the University of KwaZulu-Natal.


The participation of UKZN Extended Learning in events like the Career Dissemination Exhibition underscores its commitment to supporting learners in their career journeys. By providing essential information and offering alternative pathways to higher education, UEL plays a vital role in equipping students for successful futures. As UEL continues to engage in such initiatives, it ensures that more learners have the tools and support they need to make informed and confident career choices.

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