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Nursing Students at UKZN Uplift The Elderly



Nursing Students at UKZN Uplift The Elderly

Nursing Students at UKZN Uplift The Elderly. Second-year Nursing students from the University of KwaZulu-Natal embarked on a transformative intervention programme aimed at enhancing the quality of life for the elderly residents of The Association for The Aged (TAFTA), located in Durban Point area, South Beach.

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The Intervention At UKZN 

Under the guidance of Dr. Silingene Ngcobo, the students initiated a community profile project to identify and address the primary challenges faced by the elderly community. TAFTA became the focal point of their initiative due to its significance in providing care to the elderly.

UKZN Collaborative Efforts

The students collaborated with community stakeholders and professionals to develop a comprehensive intervention programme. Experts from various fields, including nutrition, healthcare, and law enforcement, joined hands to address the multifaceted needs of the elderly residents.

UKZN Engagement and Education

Through engaging activities such as plays and informative sessions, the students emphasized the importance of medication adherence, healthy eating habits, and personal safety. They also conducted therapeutic gardening sessions and distributed hygiene packs to promote well-being among the residents.

UKZN Impact Evaluation

Upon returning to TAFTA for evaluation, the students were delighted to find that their intervention had yielded significant results. Residents showed improved medication management, dietary habits, and participation in exercise classes, reflecting the effectiveness of the programme.


The manager of TAFTA lauded the students’ efforts as the most well-planned and effective intervention, highlighting its positive impact on the community. Beyond TAFTA, the students extended their support to other organizations, showcasing their dedication to serving the community and fostering positive change.

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