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UKZN Pharmacy Requirements



UKZN Pharmacy Requirements

UKZN Pharmacy Requirements. Pursuing a career in Pharmacy at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) is a commendable choice, reflecting a commitment to excellence in health sciences. UKZN offers robust Pharmacy programs designed to prepare students for professional success. To ensure that only the most qualified candidates are admitted, UKZN has established specific entry requirements. Below, we outline these requirements in detail.

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Undergraduate Degree in Pharmacy

The foundational requirement for admission into the UKZN Pharmacy program is the completion of an undergraduate degree in Pharmacy. This degree should be obtained from a recognized institution, ensuring that applicants have a solid educational background in the field. The undergraduate degree provides essential knowledge and skills that are critical for advanced studies and professional practice in Pharmacy.

Relevant Master Degree

In addition to an undergraduate degree, applicants must possess a relevant master’s degree. This postgraduate qualification should demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, with a pass mark of 70% or above. The master’s degree ensures that applicants have specialized knowledge and expertise, equipping them for the rigorous demands of the Pharmacy program at UKZN.

Registration with the South African Pharmacy Council

Professional recognition is a crucial aspect of the Pharmacy profession. Therefore, applicants must be registered with the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC). This registration signifies that the applicant meets the professional standards required to practice Pharmacy in South Africa. It also ensures that they are legally authorized to work as pharmacists, maintaining the integrity and trust in the profession.

Computer Literacy

In today’s digital age, computer literacy is an essential skill for all professionals, including pharmacists. UKZN requires applicants to demonstrate proficiency in using computers and relevant software. This skill is crucial for managing digital records, conducting research, and utilizing various technological tools that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of pharmaceutical practice.


Meeting the UKZN Pharmacy requirements is a significant step towards a rewarding career in the pharmaceutical sciences. Prospective students must ensure they have the necessary educational qualifications, professional registration, and technical skills to be considered for admission. By fulfilling these requirements, applicants position themselves for success in one of the leading Pharmacy programs in South Africa.

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