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What is a Special Exam in UKZN?



What is a Special Exam in UKZN?

What is a Special Exam in UKZN?. At the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), special exams are designed to provide an opportunity for students who were unable to complete their original final exams due to extenuating circumstances. These circumstances can range from illness to other significant reasons deemed sufficient by the university’s Senate.

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Rule GR23(b) Explained

According to Rule GR23(b), if a student cannot complete their final exam due to illness or any other reason that the Senate considers valid, they may apply for permission to sit for a special exam. This special exam is typically scheduled during the next applicable supplementary exam session.

How to Apply for a Special Exam

  1. Identify the Reason: The student must have a legitimate reason for missing the original final exam. This reason must be substantial, such as a medical condition or another serious issue.
  2. Application Process: The student needs to formally apply for the special exam. The application must be submitted to the relevant department or faculty office, along with any required documentation supporting their claim.
  3. Approval by Senate: The application is then reviewed by the Senate. The Senate will assess the validity of the reason provided and determine whether it is sufficient to grant a special exam.
  4. Scheduling the Exam: If the application is approved, the student will be allowed to take the special exam during the next supplementary exam session. This session is usually organized after the regular exam period to accommodate such cases.

Importance of Special Exams

Special exams play a crucial role in ensuring that students who face unforeseen challenges are not unfairly penalized. They provide a second chance for students to demonstrate their knowledge and pass their courses, which is vital for their academic progress and future opportunities.


Special exams at UKZN are a vital part of the university’s commitment to fairness and academic support. By understanding Rule GR23(b) and the application process, students can ensure they take the necessary steps if they ever find themselves in a situation where they cannot complete their final exams as originally scheduled.

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