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Which Bank Does UKZN Use?



Which Bank Does UKZN Use?

Which Bank Does UKZN Use?. The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) utilizes Standard Bank for its financial transactions. This includes tuition fees, student payments, and other financial services related to the institution.

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Efficient Payment Processing

For students and payees, using Standard Bank offers the benefit of swift and efficient payment processing. When Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) are made from Standard Bank accounts, they are typically updated on the fee statement within the same day. This rapid processing ensures that students’ payments are promptly reflected in their accounts, reducing any potential delays or uncertainties regarding their financial standing with the university.

Direct Branch Payments

In addition to EFTs, payments made directly at any Standard Bank branch are also updated on the fee statement within the same day. This provides flexibility and convenience for students and their families, allowing them to choose the most suitable payment method.

Importance of Correct Beneficiary Reference

To ensure the payment is processed correctly and without delay, it is crucial to use the correct beneficiary reference. For UKZN payments, this reference is the student’s number. Providing the correct UKZN student number as the beneficiary reference helps the bank accurately allocate the funds to the respective student’s account. Incorrect or missing references can result in delays and complications, as the university may not be able to immediately identify the source of the payment.


By partnering with Standard Bank, UKZN ensures that financial transactions are handled efficiently and reliably. Students benefit from the convenience of same-day updates on their fee statements for EFTs and direct branch payments. However, it is essential to always use the correct beneficiary reference, specifically the UKZN student number, to avoid any processing issues.

This partnership underscores UKZN’s commitment to providing streamlined financial services to its students, making the payment process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

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