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UKZN Student Academic Administration



UKZN Student Academic Administration

UKZN Student Academic Administration.To check the status of your application, utilize your ID, CAO, or UKZN student number in the provided field. Outcomes may include

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Application Statuses

  • Firm Offer: Offer with or without residence.
  • Pending: No decision yet made.
  • Regret: Due to various reasons such as not meeting requirements or program capacity.

 Accepting an Offer

  • Undergraduate Acceptance: Online process via provided link and login details.
  • Postgraduate Acceptance: Different procedures, including document submissions.

FAQS:UKZN Student Academic Administration

Q1:How do I check my application status in UKZN?

Ans: Utilize your ID, CAO, or UKZN student number in the provided field on the website. The outcomes could vary from firm offers to regrets due to various reasons.

Q2:How can I accept an offer in UKZN?

Ans: For undergraduates, follow the online process via the provided link and await further instructions. Postgraduates have specific procedures outlined on the website.

Q3: Where can I find more information?

Ans: Visit the UKZN website for detailed instructions on both undergraduate and postgraduate offer acceptance procedures. Frequently asked questions are addressed on the site.


Ensure to regularly check the application status using the provided details. Follow the outlined procedures for acceptance to secure your place at UKZN. Visit the website for further guidance.

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