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UKZN Timetabling and Venue Bookings



UKZN Timetabling and Venue Bookings

UKZN Timetabling and Venue Bookings. The Timetabling and Venue Booking Office at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) is responsible for managing and processing various aspects related to scheduling and venue allocation across campuses.

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Services Managed

  1. Lecture Timetables: Creation and maintenance of lecture schedules for all campuses, excluding the Medical School.
  2. Examination Timetables: Organization and publication of examination schedules.
  3. Venue Allocation: Assignment of venues for tests, exams, departmental meetings, and student society events.
  4. LAN Bookings: Coordination of Local Area Network (LAN) bookings.
  5. University Facilities Usage: Handling requests for utilizing university facilities by external entities, excluding sports facilities.

Accessing Information

  • Campus Timetable Information: Access detailed timetable information for each campus by navigating through the top navigation bar. This includes general information, lecture timetables, venue bookings, and test bookings.
  • Examination Timetables: Examination schedules for each campus are accessible via the Examination Timetable link.
  • Booking Application Forms: Forms for booking applications can be found under the Forms section.


The Timetabling and Venue Booking Office plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient scheduling and venue management across UKZN campuses. Students, faculty, and external users can utilize the provided resources to access relevant information and make necessary bookings.

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