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UKZN Extended Learning HR Business Breakfast



UKZN Extended Learning HR Business Breakfast

UKZN Extended Learning HR Business Breakfast. On June 23, 2023, UKZN Extended Learning hosted an enlightening HR Business Breakfast, bringing together human resources practitioners from a variety of organizations. This event served as a platform for sharing insights and discussing critical issues facing the HR sector.

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Keynote Address by Ms. Charlotte Mokoena

The highlight of the event was a keynote speech by Ms. Charlotte Mokoena, the Human Resources Executive at Tongaat Hulett. Ms. Mokoena delivered a compelling talk focusing on the challenges South Africa faces and how these challenges extend into the workplace.

Challenges Highlighted

Ms. Mokoena addressed several critical issues:

  1. Sub-standard Quality of Education: The majority of South Africans receive an education that does not meet adequate standards. This issue is a fundamental challenge, as it lays the groundwork for future employment opportunities.
  2. Shortages of Work Opportunities: There is a significant shortage of job opportunities, which hampers economic growth and personal development for many South Africans.
  3. Inadequate Infrastructure: Poorly located and insufficient infrastructure further limits social cohesion and economic integration, exacerbating the marginalization of disadvantaged communities.

Impact on the Workplace

Ms. Mokoena explained that these societal challenges have a direct impact on the workplace. The polarization within society is mirrored in work environments, influencing employee interactions and organizational dynamics. She stressed that HR practitioners must recognize and address these societal factors to foster a more cohesive and productive work environment.

Strategic Response

To effectively respond to both societal and business dynamics, Ms. Mokoena emphasized the importance of understanding the communities in which organizations operate. Key points included:

  1. Awareness of Societal Impact: HR professionals need to be fully aware of how societal issues affect employees and, consequently, the organization.
  2. Linking Society and Strategic Goals: It is crucial to identify the connection between societal issues, the organization’s strategic goals, and the HR function. Understanding this link can help prioritize initiatives that address these challenges.
  3. Community Engagement: Engaging with the community and understanding its dynamics can provide valuable insights for HR strategies, ensuring that organizational practices are inclusive and supportive of broader societal needs.


The HR Business Breakfast hosted by UKZN Extended Learning was a significant event that highlighted the pressing need for HR practitioners to consider the broader societal context in their work. By understanding and addressing the challenges faced by the communities they operate in, organizations can better align their strategic goals with the needs of their employees and society, fostering a more inclusive and supportive work environment.

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