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UKZN Howard College and Medical School Residences



UKZN Howard College and Medical School Residences

Howard College and Medical School Residences. Howard College on-campus residences cater to approximately 2379 students, but due to high demand, not all applicants can be accommodated. These residences are available to first-entrant students, undergraduates, postgraduates, and international students (subject to availability).

The on-campus residences consist of several individual units near the main academic buildings. Residents have easy access to banking services, shops, and cafeteria facilities. All residences are self-catering and offer access control, lounges, television rooms, and parking. Students can choose between single and double rooms.

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Off-Campus University-Owned Residences

These residences are located away from the campus and offer access to amenities such as shopping malls, hospitals, public transport, and other services.

St Hillier Residence (Medical School)

St Hillier offers fully furnished two/three-bedroom flats, with each student having a single bedroom. Residents share a lounge, kitchen, and bathroom, and the residence provides laundry facilities and parking. Situated opposite Queensmead Mall in Umbilo, it is a short walk from the Medical School and is on a bus route to Howard College. St Hillier accommodates only final-year medical students.

San Sabil Residence

Located on Hospital Road near Addington Beach, San Sabil Residence is approximately 10 kilometers from Howard College Campus. This mixed-gender residence features shared rooms.

Off-Campus Leased Residences (Private Landlords)

These residences, accommodating 6000 students, are fully furnished, with all students living in shared rooms. Residents share a kitchen and a bathroom.

Howard College

Name of Residence Distance
Anchor House 5.3 km
Parkleigh House 5.3 km
Landmark Residence 7.6 km
Hemmirtage Residence 7.6 km
Escombe Residence 4.2 km
Umbilo Residence 4.2 km
Reservoir Heights 17.4 km
31 Acutt Residence 7.1 km
41 Acutt Residence 7.1 km
Camden Residence 2.6 km
Cleveland Place 2.6 km
Kingston Residence 5.4 km
Kinross Residence 9.2 km
Mayville Court 2.2 km
Alcock Residence 2.2 km
Aspara Residence 5.4 km
Victoria Heights 5.4 km
Disney Heights 5 km
Greenfields Residence 5 km
Seaboard Residence 7.5 km
Essenwood Residence 4.2 km
Cullingworth 4 km
Derby Residence 5.5 km
Alice Residence 4.9 km
Berea Cove 4.3 km
Elizabeth Court 4.6 km
New Complex Residence 3.5 km
Bethel Gardens 4 km
Trevor Court 9 km
Wakesleigh Residence 6 km


Medical School

Name of Residence Distance
Juniper Residence 5.6 km
Khayelisha Residence 3 km
Tafta Residence 3 km


Howard College and Medical School offer a range of on-campus and off-campus residences to cater to the diverse needs of students, ensuring convenient access to facilities and services essential for a comfortable living and studying experience.

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