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UKZN Student Elected SAMSA President



UKZN Student Elected SAMSA President

UKZN Student Elected SAMSA President. In a significant stride for medical students across South Africa, Ms. Maryam Mahomed, a third-year Medical student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), has been appointed as the President of the South African Medical Students Association (SAMSA) at a national level.

SAMSA stands as a pivotal body, uniting medical students from various institutions with a common goal of making a tangible difference in communities through professional medical development and impactful community outreach initiatives.

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Inspired Leadership

Ms. Mahomed journey with SAMSA commenced in 2020 when she embarked on her Medical degree. Drawn by the organization’s ethos of ardor and benevolence, she was motivated to become an integral part of this dynamic initiative.

Having previously held roles such as Regional President and National Vice-Chair within SAMSA, Ms. Mahomed brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of leadership to her new position.

Noteworthy Initiatives

Under Ms. Mahomed’s leadership, SAMSA has spearheaded numerous impactful projects. These include the establishment of a South African Bone Marrow Donor Station at UKZN Medical School, organizing professional development workshops such as “Business and Medicine: A Duality Workshop” and “The Process of Specialization in South Africa,” and actively participating in community events like the Comrades Marathon Medical Response Team and fundraising campaigns for cancer awareness.

Vision for the Future

As the newly appointed national President, Ms. Mahomed envisions an ambitious roadmap for SAMSA. Her plans include initiatives such as facilitating the collection of rape “comfort handbags” for victims of sexual assault, expanding the reach of Bone Marrow Donor Stations and blood donor programs nationally, and establishing structured peer education tutor programs on university campuses.

Additionally, she aims to foster a sense of community among medical students through social networking events focused on academic liaison, research networking, and interprofessional development.

Gratitude and Dedication

Expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to serve in this capacity, Ms. Mahomed extends heartfelt thanks to the SAMSA 2022 executive team and her family for their unwavering support. She views her role not only as a means to serve communities but also as an opportunity to empower her peers to lead with integrity and compassion.

Ms. Mahomed’s parents, Mrs. Sultana Mahomed and Mr. Swaleh Mahomed, echo sentiments of pride and confidence in her ability to excel in this role. They commend her selflessness, sincerity, and dedication to community service, affirming her suitability for the position of national President.


Ms. Maryam Mahomed’s election as the President of SAMSA marks a significant milestone, not only for her personally but also for the medical student community in South Africa. With her inspired leadership and vision for positive change, she is poised to steer SAMSA towards greater heights of impact and excellence in service to society.

As she embarks on this journey, supported by her family and the SAMSA community, Ms. Mahomed’s commitment to serving with integrity and compassion promises a brighter future for medical students and the communities they serve.

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