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UKZN Teaching Courses 2024-2025



UKZN Teaching Courses 2024-2025

UKZN Teaching Courses 2024-2025. To qualify for admission to the UKZN Teaching Courses for the academic year 2024-2025, applicants must achieve a minimum of 55% in all major subjects at the third-year level. Additionally, eligibility requires possession of either an SAQA-accredited M+3 qualification (NQF level 7 for those matriculated in or after 2008, or NQF level 6 for those matriculated in or before 2007) or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), applicable specifically for program admission.

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Industry Experience UKZN Teaching Courses 2024-2025

A prerequisite for admission is a minimum of two years of industry experience. Applicants with higher qualifications and more than the mandated two years of work experience will be given preference during the selection process.

Selection Process UKZN Teaching Courses 2024-2025

The selection process emphasizes academic performance, which is assessed based on the applicant’s academic record. Higher qualifications and additional work experience enhance an applicant’s chances of securing admission.

Technical Requirements UKZN Teaching Courses 2024-2025

The program mandates computer literacy, particularly in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Therefore, applicants must demonstrate competence in these software applications to ensure successful participation in the program.

Enrollment Regulations UKZN Teaching Courses 2024-2025

No credit transfers are allowed for the UKZN Teaching Courses. All students must register for and pass all program subjects/modules to fulfill the program requirements and proceed successfully.

RPL Application Deadline UKZN Teaching Courses 2024-2025

For applicants opting for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), submissions must be made no later than June. Given the potentially time-consuming nature of the RPL process, late applications will not be accepted.

FAQS: UKZN Teaching Courses 2024-2025

Q1: Can I apply for the UKZN Teaching Courses with qualifications obtained before 2007?

Ans: Yes, if you matriculated in or before 2007, you can apply with an SAQA-accredited M+3 qualification at NQF level 6. The program considers both recent and past qualifications.

Q2. Are there specific requirements for computer literacy?

Ans: Yes, the program requires proficiency in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Applicants need to demonstrate competence in these software applications to ensure they meet the technical requirements of the UKZN Teaching Courses.

Q3. Is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) available, and when is the application deadline?

Ans: Yes, RPL is available for program admission. However, RPL applicants must submit their applications no later than June. It’s essential to adhere to this deadline, as late RPL applications will not be accepted due to the potentially time-consuming nature of the process.


In conclusion, the UKZN Teaching Courses for 2024-2025 set rigorous criteria, requiring a strong academic background, industry experience, and proficiency in key software applications. Applicants are advised to adhere to deadlines for a successful admission process.

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