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UKZN Short Courses 2024-2025



UKZN Short Courses 2024-2025

UKZN Short Courses 2024-2025. In the contemporary, globally interconnected world, continuous professional development is imperative for leaders and professionals. This aligns with the principles of life-long learning and reflexive theory and practice, addressing the dynamic challenges in both societal and organizational contexts.

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Short Courses as Professional Development

Short course interventions play a pivotal role in holistic professional development. The Graduate School of Business and Leadership, in collaboration with UKZN Extended Learning, offers a diverse portfolio of short courses to enhance practical skills and competencies.

Competent Project Management

This course provides a comprehensive overview of Project Management, emphasizing practical business perspectives. Participants gain insights from conceptualization to evaluation, enhancing their role in successfully managing corporate and major capital projects.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers (FNFM)

Tailored for non-financial roles, FNFM fosters financial literacy and understanding of strategic decision-making contributions. It demystifies financial statements, capital budgeting, and cash flow importance, empowering professionals in diverse roles to communicate effectively with finance counterparts.

Management Development Programme (MDP)

Designed for new and aspiring managers, MDP focuses on developing key competencies in functional business areas. Emphasizing practicality, it empowers middle managers by integrating experience and fostering valuable leadership traits essential for effective decision-making.

Managing for Impact Programme (MIP)

Targeted at new managers, MIP addresses the need for both content and process skills in organizational management. Acknowledging their expertise in specialist fields, it cultivates people management and process skills, enabling them to optimize productivity and performance in competitive business environments.


In a rapidly evolving professional landscape, these short courses offer a strategic avenue for continuous learning and skill enhancement. They cater to diverse roles, ensuring professionals are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of their respective fields.

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