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UKZN Risk Management Services

 UKZN Risk Management Services. The Division of Risk Management Services (RMS) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) prioritizes the safety and security of the university community and its property across its five campuses.

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Responsibilities and Commitment

RMS is dedicated to safeguarding the university community and property, upholding order, and enforcing university policies. The division employs professional security officers certified by PSIRA and operates round-the-clock to ensure a secure environment.

Campus Security Measures

RMS maintains a vigilant presence on all campuses, with security personnel responsible for enforcing regulations, investigating incidents, and ensuring the protection of university assets. The division adopts a proactive approach to address security concerns and maintains readiness to respond effectively in any situation.

Community Engagement

Staff, students, contractors, and visitors are encouraged to collaborate with RMS by reporting any suspicious activities on campus premises. This collective effort enhances overall safety and security within the university environment.


The UKZN Risk Management Services division is dedicated to maintaining a safe and secure environment across all campuses. Through proactive measures and community engagement, RMS ensures the well-being of the university community and its assets.

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