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UKZN Provides Free Eye Screenings As Part Of The Ster-Kinekor Vision Mission



UKZN Provides Free Eye Screenings As Part Of The Ster-Kinekor Vision Mission

UKZN Provides Free Eye Screenings As Part Of The Ster-Kinekor Vision Mission.In a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing eye health awareness and accessibility to vision care, the UKZN Foundation, alongside the College of Health Sciences Optometry and Ophthalmology Disciplines, partnered with Ster-Kinekor for its Vision Mission campaign.

This initiative provided complimentary eye screenings for learners from high schools and primary schools across KwaZulu-Natal.

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UKZN Promoting Eye Health Awareness

The screenings, held during #EyeCareAwarenessMonth at Ster-Kinekor Gateway, served to raise awareness about eye health, with a specific focus on preventing and treating avoidable blindness. The Optometry Discipline conducted basic screenings to identify conditions such as cataracts, stereopsis.

color vision deficiencies, and the need for bifocal spectacles. Additionally, the Ophthalmology team screened participants for glaucoma and assessed intraocular pressure.

UKZN Addressing Vision Impairment

Dr. Naimah Ebrahim Khan, Optometry academic leader at the School of Health Sciences, emphasized the significance of vision screening in alleviating the global burden of visual impairment.

With billions of cases of unacknowledged visual impairment worldwide, early detection through screening becomes pivotal in improving individuals’ quality of life.

Strengthening Community Engagement

Dr. Khan highlighted the value of the partnership with Ster-Kinekor as it provided students with a meaningful platform to contribute to society in line with UKZN’s mission. By offering their time and skills, students actively engaged with the community, aligning with the university’s commitment to societal welfare.

Impacting Future Generations

Geraldine Engelman, Head of CSI Transformation and Wellness at Ster-Kinekor, underscored the significance of addressing vision issues, particularly in disadvantaged communities.

The partnership between UKZN and Ster-Kinekor is poised to have a profound impact on future generations, especially those from under-resourced schools. By providing free eye screenings, children facing vision challenges in educational settings will now have the opportunity for early intervention and improved academic performance.


The collaboration between UKZN and Ster-Kinekor exemplifies a proactive approach towards addressing the critical issue of eye health in communities.

Through initiatives like the Vision Mission campaign, both organizations are not only raising awareness but also actively contributing to enhancing the well-being and academic success of individuals, ultimately fostering a healthier and more equitable society.

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