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UKZN Guidelines for First-Time South African Undergraduate Applicants



UKZN Guidelines for First-Time South African Undergraduate Applicants

UKZN Guidelines for First-Time South African Undergraduate Applicants. South African first-time undergraduate applicants seeking admission to the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) are required to follow a specific application process facilitated through the Central Applications Office (CAO).

Minimum Requirements for Degree Study

Prospective students must meet the following minimum requirements to qualify for degree study:

Home Language

  • Obtain a minimum of 40% in the Home Language.

Four Other Subjects (excluding Life Orientation)

  • Attain a minimum of 50% in four subjects, excluding Life Orientation.

One Additional Subject

  • Achieve a minimum of 30% in at least one other subject.

Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT)

  • Attain a minimum of 30% in the Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT) of the Higher Education Institution where you intend to study.

Overall Subjects

  • Pass at least 6 out of 7 subjects.

NSC Degree Entry Requirement

When the NSC Degree is listed as an entry requirement in the Programme Choice List, applicants must ensure they meet the above requirements.

If the specific program has additional requirements, they will be clearly indicated.

This detailed guide outlines the essential criteria for South African students aspiring to embark on their undergraduate journey at UKZN.

By adhering to these requirements and utilizing the CAO platform, prospective students can navigate the application process with confidence.

It’s important to note that meeting the NSC Degree entry requirement is a key step, and applicants should be aware of any additional criteria specific to their chosen program, as indicated in the Programme Choice List.

Aspiring students are encouraged to carefully review and fulfill these criteria to enhance their chances of successful admission to UKZN and embark on a fulfilling academic journey.

FAQs For UKZN Guidelines for First-Time South African Undergraduate Applicants

Q1:- What is the Central Applications Office (CAO), and why do South African undergraduate applicants need to apply through it?

Ans: CAO is the designated platform for UKZN applications, streamlining the admission process for first-time undergraduates, ensuring a centralized and efficient application system.

Q2: Are there additional requirements beyond the minimum criteria listed for degree study?

Ans: Yes, for programs with specific entry requirements, additional criteria will be outlined in the Programme Choice List. Applicants should carefully review these to ensure compliance.

Q1: How important is it to pass the Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT) subject in the application process?

Ans: Achieving a minimum of 30% in the LOLT subject is crucial, as it ensures proficiency in the language of instruction at the chosen Higher Education Institution, enhancing the applicant’s readiness for academic success.


Meeting the specified minimum requirements is crucial for South African students applying to UKZN.

Adherence to these guidelines, coupled with awareness of program-specific criteria, ensures a seamless application process, paving the way for a successful academic pursuit at the esteemed institution.

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