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UKZN Celebrates Africa Day by Embracing Africa Heritage



UKZN Celebrates Africa Day by Embracing Africa Heritage

UKZN Celebrates Africa Day by Embracing Africa Heritage.The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) commemorated Africa Day on Tuesday with the theme “Embracing Africa Heritage: Uniting Hearts, Inspiring Minds”. The celebration focused on the renewal and decolonisation of the mind, highlighting the importance of African unity and self-awareness.

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Keynote Speech by Sbu Ndebele

Former premier of UKZN and Minister of Correctional Services, Sbu Ndebele, addressed the attendees, urging them to reject roles as perpetrators, victims, or bystanders in society. He referenced Steve Biko’s teachings on consciousness, emphasizing the responsibility of those who have experienced oppression not to become oppressors themselves. Ndebele stressed that unity does not require unanimity, but rather strength from diversity.

Ndebele criticized the lingering effects of white supremacy in African minds, even 30 years post-democracy. He highlighted the transition of Africa from being seen as vulnerable, volatile, and violent to becoming viable, victorious, and vibrant. He called on educated Africans to enrich their communities rather than seeking comfort elsewhere.

South Africa Transitional Phase

Ndebele described South Africa as being caught between the dead past of apartheid and a future hesitant to emerge. He called for a renewal of democracy and active participation in its growth.

Africa Day Celebrations and Agenda 2063

The Africa Day celebrations at UKZN included a “Unite Africa” walk, tree planting, and a diverse panel discussion. The discussions focused on Agenda 2063, a blueprint for transforming Africa into a global powerhouse. Professor Ernest Nene Khalema, Dean and Head of the School of Built Environment and Development Studies, emphasized the need for Africans to rethink their identity and address past injustices from a sociological perspective.


The event underscored the importance of embracing African heritage and fostering a mindset of unity and progress. It aimed to inspire a renewed sense of purpose and direction among Africans, encouraging them to take an active role in the continent’s development and transformation.

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