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NMSM Political History Lecture at UKZN



NMSM Political History Lecture at UKZN

NMSM Political History Lecture at UKZN. At the forefront of this illuminating discourse were Professor Ncoza Dlova and Dr Qiniso Mlita, whose impassioned elucidations navigated through the annals of UKZN-NRMSM past, casting light on its pivotal role in South Africa’s socio-political landscape.

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Exploring the Historical Narrative

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Mr Tholumusa Sibiya, the MCRC Chairperson and a dedicated medical student. Sibiya underscored the significance of delving into the school’s history, emphasizing the need to instill a sense of reverence for its profound legacy among the student body.

Reflecting on the essence of the day, Mr Fanele Gina, a Medical student and MCRC College representative, articulated the imperative of introspection, urging students to recognize their role as integral members of the broader South African community. He emphasized the transformative potential wielded by UKZN students and future healthcare professionals in effecting positive change.

Insights from Honourable Minister Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma

Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, a distinguished alumna and an emblem of resilience in the face of adversity, graced the occasion with her presence. Drawing from her own experiences and the school’s storied past, she delineated the arduous journey undertaken by African, Coloured, and Indian medical students during the dark era of apartheid. Despite facing systemic oppression and discrimination, these students, she remarked, remained undeterred in their pursuit of justice and equality.

Highlighting the illustrious alumni who emerged from UKZN-NRMSM, including luminaries such as Dr Mamphela Ramphele and Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, Dr Dlamini-Zuma underscored the indomitable spirit that permeated through the corridors of the medical school—a spirit characterized by resilience, activism, and an unwavering commitment to societal change.

A Call to Action

Against the backdrop of contemporary challenges, particularly the persisting specters of inequality and unemployment, Dr Dlamini-Zuma issued a fervent call for a skills revolution. She emphasized the pivotal role of education in bridging societal divides and empowering individuals to effect tangible change. Moreover, she urged men to stand in solidarity with women in the fight against gender-based violence, underscoring the imperative of collective action in fostering a more just and equitable society.

Encouragement from Dr Qiniso Mlita

Echoing Dr Dlamini-Zuma’s sentiments, Dr Qiniso Mlita, the UKZN Convocation President and an esteemed alumnus, urged student leaders to embrace diversity and harness their collective potential in addressing the multifaceted challenges facing South Africa. He implored aspiring medical professionals to transcend the confines of traditional clinical practice and actively engage in socio-economic restructuring, championing a vision of healthcare that transcends mere medical intervention to encompass broader community empowerment.


In closing, Professor Ncoza Dlova, Dean and Head of the School of Clinical Medicine, encapsulated the essence of the event, emphasizing the importance of honoring the past while charting a course for the future. She underscored the pivotal role played by UKZN-NRMSM in nurturing not only medical professionals but also socially conscious leaders imbued with a sense of duty towards their communities.

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