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Students at UKZN Earn PhDs For Interesting Research



Students at UKZN Earn PhDs For Interesting Research

Students at UKZN Earn PhDs For Interesting Research. In a momentous occasion, six diligent Education students have emerged triumphant, obtaining their coveted PhDs in Education under the esteemed supervision of Professor Simon Bheki Khoza at UKZN.

Drs Boy Bongani Dlamini, Vusumuzi Ndlovu, Nonhlanhla Nduku, Petty Silitshena, Lerato Sokhulu, and Dongwa Tshabalala have navigated through rigorous academic inquiry to contribute groundbreaking insights to their respective fields of study.

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Exploring New Frontiers

Each doctoral thesis represents a distinctive exploration into critical educational domains. Dr. Dlamini delves into the intricate landscape of climate change education, unraveling the voices that guide Eswatini General Certificate of Education Geography teachers through the Currere model.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ndlovu scrutinizes the nexus of teacher proficiency, technological literacy, and pedagogical acumen in enhancing financial literacy education.

Unveiling Perspectives

Dr. Nduku research offers illuminating insights into the pedagogical approaches employed by teachers in delivering Agricultural Sciences curriculum, shedding light on the predominant influence of prescriptive perspectives over communal and habitual paradigms.

Dr. Silitshena’s inquiry into employee motivation dynamics in Zimbabwean educational institutions uncovers nuanced patterns, emphasizing the dominance of systemic influences over personal needs models.

Harnessing Digital Pedagogy

Dr. Sokhulu investigation into the integration of digital technologies in academic research underscores the significance of personalized learning experiences, advocating for a paradigm shift towards student-centric pedagogical frameworks.

Dr. Tshabalala’s study on e-learning resources in History instruction at South African universities delineates three pivotal forms of e-learning experiences—e-specialization, e-generalization, and e-connection—crucial for addressing multifaceted academic needs.

Supervisor Insight

Reflecting on the cohort academic journey, Professor Khoza accentuates the multifaceted nature of supervision, attesting to the diverse motivations propelling students’ research endeavors. He underscores the interplay of personal inclinations, societal influences, and professional aspirations as key determinants shaping scholarly pursuits.


The culmination of these six doctoral theses not only exemplifies academic excellence but also signifies a transformative stride towards advancing educational paradigms. As these scholars embark on their scholarly odyssey, their research endeavors are poised to catalyze meaningful change, fostering innovation and insight within the realm of education.

With their indomitable spirit and intellectual rigor, UKZN’s Education PhD graduates are poised to chart new frontiers, leaving an indelible mark on the educational landscape.

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