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Making a Difference in Patients Lives at UKZN



Making a Difference in Patients Lives at UKZN

Making a Difference in Patients Lives at UKZN. The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) has embarked on a noble endeavor to support patients in need through its innovative wheelchair loan service. Spearheaded by the Patient Navigation Team at the Cancer and Infectious Diseases Epidemiology Research Unit (CIDERU) in collaboration with the Multinational Lung Cancer Control Programme (MLCCP),

this initiative aims to provide essential post-care support to individuals facing mobility challenges, particularly those undergoing treatment for stage four lung cancer.

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UKZN Addressing a Critical Need

The genesis of this commendable project lies in the recognition of a glaring gap in post-care support for patients transitioning from public health facilities. Many individuals grappling with advanced-stage cancer find themselves grappling with mobility issues, often exacerbated by financial constraints that render acquiring a wheelchair an insurmountable challenge.

Consequently, a significant number of these patients become confined to their beds upon discharge, compounding the physical and psychological toll of their illness.

UKZN A Collaborative Effort

At the helm of this initiative are dedicated individuals committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of patients. Led by patient navigator Ms. Sthabile Mdluli and supported by Ms. Buhle Lubuzo, Mr. Wanele Masinga, and Mr. Siyabonga Dlamini, the team has worked tirelessly to establish the wheelchair loan service.

Generous sponsorship from the Network of Caring has facilitated the acquisition of three wheelchairs, with hopes of expanding the fleet through additional sponsorships.

UKZN Eliminating Barriers to Access

One of the defining features of the wheelchair loan service is its accessibility. Recognizing the financial strain faced by many patients, the service operates on a no-fee, no-deposit basis, ensuring that individuals in need can avail themselves of this vital resource without added financial burden.

Moreover, the commitment to inclusivity extends beyond mere provision, with the assurance that the wheelchairs are returned once they are no longer required, ensuring the sustainability of the program.


In a healthcare landscape often fraught with challenges, initiatives like UKZN wheelchair loan service serve as beacons of hope and compassion. By bridging the gap in post-care support and addressing the complex needs of patients, this endeavor embodies the university’s commitment to holistic patient care.

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