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Musician In UKZN Chart-Topping Duo



Musician In UKZN Chart-Topping Duo

Musician In UKZN Chart-Topping Duo. University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) student Vishekh Ramdaas, aged 24, along with his brother Vikshay, aged 28, is causing a stir in the music industry as their duo, known as Ramdaz, climbs the charts with their latest hit single “Won’t You,” featured on the prestigious East Coast Radio Top 40 countdown.

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Their Musical Journey

Their single “Won’t You,” released in October, has been steadily rising on the charts, garnering attention alongside renowned artists such as Black Coffee, Sam Smith, and Harry Styles. Vishekh describes the essence of the song as a universal sentiment, capturing the longing for someone to return, resonating with listeners from various walks of life.

Creative Endeavors

In addition to composing their music, Ramdaz took on the roles of conceptualizing and designing their single artwork, as well as producing their first lyric video. Their visually captivating lyric video offers viewers a glimpse into a narrative encompassing the future of space travel, adding depth to their musical expression.

Gratitude and Recognition

Since their debut in 2024, Ramdaz has promised fans an exciting musical journey, and their recent success on the East Coast Radio charts reflects their dedication and talent. Vishekh expresses gratitude to their supporters, acknowledging the overwhelming response to their music and their current position in the Top 5 on the East Coast Radio charts.


With their song “Won’t You” resonating with audiences across South Africa and beyond, Ramdaz continues to make waves in the music industry. As their track climbs to number 4 on ECR’s Top 40 Music chart, the duo’s passion for music and their commitment to sharing their artistry with the world shine through, promising even greater achievements on the horizon.

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