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Enhancing Academic Success UKZN Academic Support Programs



Enhancing Academic Success UKZN Academic Support Programs

Enhancing Academic Success UKZN Academic Support Programs. The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) offers a range of Academic Support Programs aimed at assisting students from disadvantaged educational backgrounds to reach their full academic potential. These programs encompass various initiatives such as access and foundation courses, mentorship programs, and internship opportunities.

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Academic Support Programs 

Access and Foundation Programs

  • These programs cater to applicants from disadvantaged schools and provide essential skills training in areas such as communication and academic writing.
  • Options include the BSc Augmented Curriculum, BSc Foundation Curriculum, and the Science Foundation Programme.

Pre-University Courses

  • Designed to prepare students for the academic challenges they’ll encounter at university.

Courses spread over a longer duration to facilitate better understanding and assimilation of concepts.

Mentorship and Internship Programs

      • Aimed at promoting both academic and vocational development.
      • Community Internship opportunities allow students to engage in research, development, or educational roles within communities.

Specific Academic Support Programs

BSc Augmented Curriculum:

  • Four-year degree with extended support for applicants from disadvantaged schools.
  • Spread over two years, with specific requirements for admission and an admission test for certain applicants.

BSc Foundation Curriculum:

  • First-year foundation program leading to qualifications in science-related fields.
  • Entrance test mandatory for admission.

Science Foundation Programme (SFP):

  • One-year access program for applicants not meeting entry requirements for science qualifications.
  • Alternative selection test required for admission.

Scientific Writing and Reporting Course:

  • Credit-bearing course focusing on language and communication skills in sciences.

Orientation and Support Programs:

  • Community Internship and Student Mentorship Program aimed at facilitating student adaptation and academic proficiency.


UKZN Academic Support Programs reflect a commitment to inclusivity and excellence in education. Through tailored interventions and support mechanisms, the university strives to empower students from diverse backgrounds, ensuring they have the resources and guidance necessary to excel academically and professionally. For further information on these programs, interested individuals can contact the university’s dedicated support services.

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