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What is the APS Score for UKZN Computer Science?



What is the APS Score for UKZN Computer Science?

What is the APS Score for UKZN Computer Science?. The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) requires prospective Computer Science students to meet specific Admission Point Score (APS) criteria. To secure a spot in the Computer Science program, students must achieve an APS between 30 and 48.

It’s important to note that the highest scoring students will be given preference during the selection process.

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Key Dates for Applications

If you’re aiming to join the UKZN Computer Science program, be aware that the application process is competitive and timely. The closing date for applications is 30 September. Missing this deadline can result in your application not being considered, so it’s crucial to submit all required documents on time.

Admission Points Required

The APS for UKZN Computer Science program ranges from 30 to 48. This score range ensures that only the highest-scoring students are admitted first, maintaining a competitive edge and high academic standards. Here’s a breakdown of what the APS entails and how it affects your application:

  • Minimum APS: 30
  • Maximum APS: 48

Students who score within this range have the best chances of securing a spot in the program.

Application Deadline

It’s crucial for applicants to note the closing date for applications. For those aspiring to join the Computer Science program at UKZN, the application deadline is 30 September. Missing this deadline could mean missing out on a valuable educational opportunity.

Honours Degree Specialisation

For those interested in furthering their studies, UKZN offers a one-year specialist program leading to an Honours degree in Computer Science. This advanced program is designed to deepen your knowledge and skills in the field, preparing you for higher-level positions or academic pursuits.

Eligibility for Honours Program

To be eligible for the Honours program, applicants must hold a relevant three-year qualification or an equivalent. This prerequisite ensures that students have a solid foundation in Computer Science or a closely related field, equipping them with the necessary background to succeed in the more rigorous Honours coursework.

Requirements for Honours Program

  • Relevant Qualification: Applicants must possess a relevant 3-year or equivalent qualification.
  • Program Duration: 1 year, leading to an Honours degree.

This pathway is ideal for students aiming to specialize further and enhance their career prospects in the tech industry.


Aspiring Computer Science students at UKZN should aim for an APS score between 30 and 48 to enhance their chances of admission. Remember to apply before the 30 September deadline and consider the Honours program for further specialisation, provided you have a relevant undergraduate qualification.

This path offers an excellent opportunity to advance your knowledge and career in the dynamic field of Computer Science.

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