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Who Qualifies for PGCE at UKZN?



Who Qualifies for PGCE at UKZN?

Who Qualifies for PGCE at UKZN?. The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) is a prestigious program designed to prepare future educators for the challenges of teaching.

Understanding the qualifications required to enter this program is essential for aspiring teachers. Here’s a detailed look at who qualifies for the PGCE at UKZN.

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Who Qualifies for PGCE at UKZN?

To qualify for the PGCE at UKZN, students must meet specific academic requirements. Applicants should have at least one major subject at the third-year level and two subjects at the first-year level. These subjects should fall under areas such as Languages, Psychology, and Sociology. This academic background ensures that students have a strong foundation in the subjects they will be teaching.

Focus on Teaching Skills

The PGCE program at UKZN is focused on developing teaching skills. While a strong academic background is important, the program also emphasizes the practical aspects of teaching. Students will learn how to create effective lesson plans, manage a classroom, and assess student learning. The goal is to prepare graduates to be effective and successful teachers in their respective fields.

Benefits of the PGCE Programme

Completing the PGCE program at UKZN opens up a world of opportunities for graduates. Not only will they have the necessary qualifications to teach in schools, but they will also have a deep understanding of educational theory and practice. This combination of knowledge and skills makes graduates highly sought after in the field of education.


The PGCE programme at UKZN is designed for students with a strong academic background in subjects like Languages, Psychology, and Sociology. It focuses on developing teaching skills to prepare graduates for successful careers in education.

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