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UKZN Receives Economic Activation Office Award



UKZN Receives Economic Activation Office Award

UKZN Receives Economic Activation Office Award. The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) has been honored with the Economic Activation Office Award, a recognition of its collaborative efforts between InQubate and the School of Management, Information Technology, and Governance (SMIG). This collaboration aims to foster entrepreneurship within UKZN and has led to the university achieving top accolades in various categories of the Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education (EDHE) 2023 Awards.

These awards, organized by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in partnership with Universities South Africa (USAf) through the EDHE program, acknowledge the significant contributions made by institutions to entrepreneurship development in higher education.

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Purpose and Impact of the Award

Explanation: As a recipient of the Economic Activation Office award, UKZN has been granted the opportunity to participate in a Standard Bank-funded initiative alongside nine other South African Higher Education Institutions. Led by Professor Thea van der Westhuizen from SMIG and Mr. Khutso Ramontja from InQubate, the Economic Activation KwaZulu-Natal Office aims to bolster capacity building for students and the community through ongoing entrepreneurship initiatives. The office will facilitate the integration of UKZN’s programs and resources to strengthen the university’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. It will also serve as a central point of contact for coordinating entrepreneurial activities.

Recognition and Achievements

Explanation: Professor Thea van der Westhuizen, the Academic Leader for High Impact Community Engagement and Internationalization at SMIG, was honored with the EDHE Chairperson Award for her leadership as the National Chairperson of the Community of Practice in Academic Entrepreneurship. Additionally, two student entrepreneurs from UKZN were acknowledged in the EDHE Entrepreneurship Intervarsity 2023 Competition’s existing business category.


The Economic Activation Office Award underscores UKZN’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and community engagement. Led by dedicated faculty and student entrepreneurs, the university continues to excel in promoting innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

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