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UKZN Howard College Campus Durban



UKZN Howard College Campus Durban

UKZN Howard College Campus Durban. The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) boasts four distinct campuses, each offering a unique academic and cultural experience. From the vibrant coastal city of Durban to the serene beauty of Pietermaritzburg, UKZN campuses are renowned for their academic excellence and commitment to environmental conservation.

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UKZN Howard College Campus Durban

Located in the heart of Durban, Howard College Campus offers stunning views of the city’s bustling harbour. Established in 1931, the campus is set amidst lush gardens, showcasing the university’s dedication to indigenous flora and fauna. Howard College offers a wide range of degree options in Science, Engineering, Law, Management Studies, Humanities, and Social Sciences, including Architecture and Nursing.

Medical School Durban

With a legacy of producing quality doctors for over 50 years, the Medical School campus is synonymous with the struggle for democracy and racial equality. Founded in 1950, the campus received a significant honor in 2000 when former President Nelson Mandela agreed to link his name to the school. The campus is also home to the Doris Duke Medical Research Institute, enhancing clinical research infrastructure in KwaZulu-Natal.

UKZN Pietermaritzburg Campus

Situated in the picturesque Natal Midlands, the Pietermaritzburg campus offers a tranquil academic environment close to nature reserves and parks. Established in 1910, the campus has a rich architectural heritage and offers innovative academic programs in Science and Agriculture, Education, Law, Humanities, and Management Sciences. Unique to this campus are the disciplines of Agriculture, Theology, and Fine Art.

UKZN Westville Campus, Durban

Nestled within an environmental conservancy, the Westville campus combines modern infrastructure with natural beauty. Located just 8 kilometers from Durban’s CBD, the campus reflects a rich multicultural history with its Hindu temple and Islamic place of worship. The campus offers programs in Science, Engineering, Law, Commerce and Management, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Health Sciences.


The University of KwaZulu-Natal campuses offer a blend of academic excellence and natural beauty, providing students with a holistic learning experience in diverse fields of study.

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