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UKZN Hosts An Open Day For The Public



UKZN Hosts An Open Day For The Public

UKZN Hosts An Open Day For The Public. UKZN College of Agriculture, Engineering, and Science has shown resilience and innovation by taking its traditional Open Day online. This move not only underscores the institution’s commitment to its prospective students but also adapts to the current global situation.

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Embracing Virtual Platforms

Gone are the days of physical gatherings and bustling campuses during UKZN Open Day. Instead, the institution has embraced the digital realm, hosting an Online Open Day on Saturday, 13th June. Through Zoom webinars, prospective students and their families can explore a myriad of presentations from 09:00 to 16:00, providing a comprehensive overview of the College offerings.

Navigating Academic Pathways

Led by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College of Agriculture, Engineering, and Science, Professor Albert Modi, the Online Open Day aims to demystify the application process and illuminate the diverse array of study opportunities available. From mainstream programs to Access initiatives, attendees will gain insights into the application procedures, financial aid options, and career prospects within the Sciences.

Interactive Engagement

The Online Open Day promises an interactive experience, featuring sessions hosted by esteemed Deans and Heads of Schools within the College. Participants can engage in lively Q&A sessions, gaining firsthand knowledge about disciplines such as Agricultural, Earth, and Environmental Sciences; Chemistry and Physics; Engineering; Life Sciences; and Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science.

Comprehensive Program Highlights

The day itinerary boasts a diverse range of presentations, catering to the multifaceted interests of prospective students. From an overview of the College by Professor Naven Chetty to specialized insights into each School’s offerings, attendees will be treated to an enriching educational experience. Noteworthy sessions include discussions on career pathways, in-depth explorations of academic disciplines, and guidance on making informed educational choices.


As the educational landscape continues to evolve, UKZN initiative to bring its Open Day online underscores its commitment to accessibility and innovation. By leveraging virtual platforms, the College of Agriculture, Engineering, and Science is breaking barriers and empowering aspiring scholars to pursue their academic dreams.

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