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UKZN Celebrates Africa Day With a focus on Heritage and Unity



UKZN Celebrates Africa Day With a focus on Heritage and Unity

UKZN Celebrates Africa Day With a focus on Heritage and Unity. The University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) marked Africa Day with a series of inspiring events under the theme, ‘Embracing Africa’s Heritage: Uniting Hearts, Inspiring Minds.’ The celebrations honored Africa’s rich cultural heritage while also emphasizing the continent’s future aspirations and the vital role of education and conscious action in driving progress.

Celebrating the Past and Embracing the Future

The events at UKZN were a blend of reflection on Africa’s history and a forward-looking vision. The keynote speaker, Sbu Ndebele, former premier of KwaZulu-Natal and minister of correctional services, delivered a compelling address. He urged attendees to reject all forms of oppression and actively participate in shaping a united and progressive Africa. Ndebele drew on the teachings of Steve Biko, highlighting the importance of consciousness and the need for educated Africans to contribute to their communities rather than seeking refuge in more affluent areas.

“If you have been oppressed or are subject to any form of oppression, it is your duty not to be an oppressor to someone else. In doing this, you start to become conscious as Steve Biko taught us to be,” Ndebele stated. He also discussed the lingering effects of white supremacy on the African psyche, even 30 years post-democracy, and urged Africans to transform the continent from being seen as vulnerable, volatile, and violent to being viable, victorious, and vibrant.

Symbolic Acts and Engaging Discussions

The day events included a symbolic ‘Unite Africa’ walk and a tree-planting ceremony, reinforcing themes of growth and unity. A diverse panel discussion delved into Agenda 2063, Africa’s strategic framework aimed at transforming the continent into a global powerhouse. Panelists explored the aspirations, opportunities, and challenges facing African development, with a special focus on education and sociological change.

Prof Ernest Nene Khalema, dean and head of the School of Built Environment and Development Studies, underscored the need for Africans to rethink their self-perception. “For us to move forward and clean the mess of the past, we have to first know what the issues are. Africans were taught to think less about themselves, so it is important to first undo that wrong from a sociological viewpoint,” Khalema stated.

Cultural Celebrations and Unity

The celebrations at UKZN not only honored Africa’s past but also looked to the future, emphasizing the role of education and conscious action in driving progress. The event provided a platform for students, faculty, and community members to engage in meaningful dialogue and cultural exchange, fostering a sense of unity and purpose.

Participants in traditional attire, vibrant musical performances, and cultural displays added to the festive atmosphere, celebrating the continent’s diversity and shared heritage. The Africa Day celebrations at UKZN were a testament to the university’s commitment to embracing and promoting African heritage while inspiring minds to contribute to the continent’s ongoing journey towards development and peace.


The Africa Day celebrations at UKZN were a powerful reminder of the importance of honoring the past while actively working towards a better future. Through education, conscious action, and a commitment to unity, the university showcased its dedication to fostering a vibrant, victorious, and united Africa. The events served not only as a celebration but also as a call to action for all Africans to contribute to the continent’s development and prosperity.

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