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UKZN Blind Cricket Hosts Inaugural Heritage Cup



UKZN Blind Cricket Hosts Inaugural Heritage Cup

UKZN Blind Cricket Hosts Inaugural Heritage Cup. In a pioneering blend of sport and culture, the KwaZulu-Natal Blind Cricket community recently organized the inaugural UKZN Blind Cricket Heritage Cup, coinciding with South Africa’s Heritage Day celebrations.

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UKZN Bringing Together Diverse Players

The event served as a platform for visually impaired players from various backgrounds to come together, epitomizing the inclusive essence of the sport.

UKZN Celebrating Heritage Day

Traditionally observed as Shaka’s Day in tribute to the Zulu king, September 24th now marks Heritage Day—a time for South Africans to celebrate their cultural diversity. This year, KZN Blind Cricket took a significant stride by hosting the Heritage Cup, uniting players from three Durban-based clubs: Amaqhawe, Disabled People’s Movement, and KZN Society for the Blind.

UKZN Spirited Competition

The tournament, held at Kingsmead Oval and Danville Park in Durban, witnessed spirited competition among teams comprising a mix of players, including SA Blind Cricket national team members, Dolphins players, male and female representatives, school players, and individuals from underprivileged communities.

UKZN Amaqhawe Emerges Victorious

In an unexpected outcome, Amaqhawe clinched victory in the round-robin format, triumphing over the formidable KZN Society for the Blind Cricket team, which boasted national players.

Call for Support

Dr. Khumbuzile Khumalo, a lecturer in UKZN’s Biokinetics, Exercise, and Leisure Sciences (BELS), highlighted the importance of supporting blind cricket, especially from underprivileged communities and sponsors. She emphasized the need for increased backing to nurture talent among children.

Collaboration and Sportsmanship

The tournament showcased collaboration between UKZN and the Discipline of Biokinetics, Exercise, and Leisure Sciences, with students volunteering to assist blind players. Throughout the event, a commendable display of sportsmanship prevailed, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie.

Acknowledgment and Anticipation

Mr. Ndumiso Nyawose, the President of KZN Blind Cricket, commended the success of the Heritage Cup and expressed gratitude to sponsors and supporters for their invaluable contributions. Looking ahead, participants eagerly anticipate an even grander competition in 2024, reflecting the growing momentum of blind cricket in KwaZulu-Natal.


The UKZN Blind Cricket Heritage Cup not only showcased exceptional sporting talent but also underscored the power of unity, inclusivity, and cultural celebration. As the event concludes, the anticipation for future editions highlights the ongoing journey of growth and empowerment within the blind cricket community in KwaZulu-Natal.

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