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UKZN Appoints Virologist as Head of Department



UKZN Appoints Virologist as Head of Department

UKZN Appoints Virologist as Head of Department. Dr. Nokukhanya Msomi has been appointed as the new Head of Virology in the School of Laboratory Medicine and Medical Sciences at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). This significant appointment marks a pivotal moment for the department and reflects Dr. Msomi’s esteemed career and expertise in the field of clinical virology.

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Vision for the Future

Dr. Msomi is enthusiastic about her new role and is eager to implement her vision for the department. Her leadership is expected to bring innovative strategies and fresh perspectives to the study and application of virology at UKZN. With her extensive background in clinical virology, Dr. Msomi aims to foster an environment that encourages cutting-edge research, collaboration, and excellence in education.

Background and Expertise

Dr. Msomi’s career is distinguished by her deep commitment to the advancement of virology. Her appointment as Head of Virology is a testament to her significant contributions to the field and her ability to lead and inspire both her colleagues and students. Her expertise spans a range of critical areas within virology, making her an invaluable asset to UKZN and the broader scientific community.

Impact on the Department and Beyond

Under Dr. Msomi’s leadership, the Virology Department at UKZN is poised to reach new heights. Her approach is expected to not only enhance the academic and research capabilities of the department but also contribute to the broader public health initiatives in the region. By fostering a culture of innovation and excellence, Dr. Msomi aims to tackle some of the most pressing challenges in virology today.


Dr. Nokukhanya Msomi’s appointment as the Head of Virology at UKZN is a momentous development for the institution. Her vision and expertise are set to drive the department forward, making significant strides in research, education, and public health. The entire university community looks forward to the advancements and achievements that will undoubtedly arise under her leadership.

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