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UKZN Alumni Lunch Get-togethers a Hit!



UKZN Alumni Lunch Get-togethers a Hit!

UKZN Alumni Lunch Get-togethers a Hit!!. As the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) continues to foster strong connections with its alumni, the series of alumni lunch “get-togethers” emerges as a resounding success, captivating the hearts of many across KZN. The enthusiasm surrounding these events is palpable, prompting plans for expansion into various regions of South Africa in the forthcoming months.

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The Format and Experience

Structured around a convivial lunch setting, these events provide attendees with the chance to engage not only with fellow alumni and friends but also with members of the UKZN Alumni Relations team. The ambiance is casual yet conducive to meaningful connections, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and shared experiences.

Thus far, these gatherings have been strategically located in central Durban, Gillitts/Hillcrest, Umhlanga, and Durban North, ensuring accessibility for participants from various workplaces and residential areas.

Feedback and Encouragement

The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, underscoring the value of these intimate gatherings. Attendees express appreciation for the opportunity to reconnect with their alma mater and fellow graduates while staying updated on the university’s progress.

The encouraging response further fuels the intention to organize more such events, emphasizing quality interactions over sheer numbers.

Expanding Horizons

Buoyed by the success witnessed thus far, UKZN’s Alumni Relations Office is poised to broaden the reach of these gatherings beyond the confines of KZN. Plans are underway to extend the initiative to the coastal districts, Midlands, and other regions across South Africa.

By decentralizing these events, UKZN aims to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for alumni scattered across the country.


The resonance of UKZN alumni lunch “get-togethers” underscores the enduring bond between the university and its graduates. These gatherings serve not only as avenues for networking and information sharing but also as testament to the vibrant spirit of the UKZN community.

As the initiative gains momentum and expands its footprint, it reaffirms UKZN’s commitment to fostering lifelong connections and nurturing a sense of belonging among its alumni.

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