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UKZN Graduates Twin Brothers as Medical Doctors



UKZN Graduates Twin Brothers as Medical Doctors

UKZN Graduates Twin Brothers as Medical Doctors. Pietermaritzburg twin brothers Ziphozonke and Velenkosini Lamula have achieved a remarkable milestone by graduating as medical doctors from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) this week. Their journey, filled with dedication and hard work, has culminated in a moment of pride and excitement for the twins and their family.

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A Long and Rewarding Journey

The twins, aged 25, expressed that their six-year degree program was a long and arduous journey. Despite the challenges, they are extremely excited about finally graduating. The brothers are among nearly 8,000 alumni graduating from UKZN this week, and they described their ceremony as surreal, a testament to their hard work and sleepless nights.

Early Inspiration and Support

Ziphozonke and Velenkosini interest in medicine was sparked during their childhood. Their mother, who was training to be a nurse, often practiced clinical skills with them, igniting their passion for the medical field.

However, it wasn’t until they received their matric results and acceptance letters from UKZN that they knew they would pursue medicine. These milestones were the confirmations they needed to embark on their medical journey.

The Twin Advantage

The brothers attribute their success in part to their unique bond. Describing themselves as “joined at the hip,” they did everything together during their university years, providing each other with unwavering support. This natural and effortless support system played a significant role in making their medical school experience manageable and successful.

Family Pride and Future Aspirations

Their mother is incredibly proud of their achievements, though she wishes their late father could have witnessed this momentous occasion. The twins’ accomplishments are a bittersweet moment for her, filled with pride and a touch of sadness.

Looking ahead, Velenkosini envisions himself specializing in cardiology, while Ziphozonke is interested in internal medicine. Their future ambitions reflect their dedication to advancing their medical careers and contributing to healthcare.


The journey of Ziphozonke and Velenkosini Lamula from Pietermaritzburg to becoming medical doctors is a testament to their perseverance, familial support, and passion for medicine. As they embark on their professional careers, their story serves as an inspiration to aspiring medical students, highlighting the rewards of dedication and hard work.

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