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NSFAS Payments Delayed at UKZN Students



NSFAS Payments Delayed at UKZN Students

NSFAS Payments Delayed at UKZN Students. University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) students in Pietermaritzburg are facing severe challenges due to delayed payments from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). These delays have led to protests and heightened tensions as students fear eviction from private accommodation properties.

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Students Concerns

UKZN students in Pietermaritzburg are increasingly worried about potential evictions by landlords of private accommodations. The delayed NSFAS payments have left many students unable to meet their rental obligations, causing distress and uncertainty about their housing situation.

Protests Erupt at UKZN

In response to these issues, some students staged a protest at the Pietermaritzburg campus on Monday. The students, who rely on private properties for accommodation, expressed their frustration with the current system where NSFAS makes direct payments to landlords rather than disbursing funds to students.

EFF Student Command Position

Linda Maduna, convener of the EFF Student Command (EFFSC), highlighted the problems with the direct payment system. According to Maduna, the previous system, where students received payments directly and then paid their landlords, was more efficient. The new direct payment method has introduced delays, leading to complaints from landlords who are struggling to cover costs for utilities such as electricity and water.

Impact on Students

Thabiso Nxumalo, an NSFAS beneficiary, shared his experience of not being able to access his allowance. Despite his accommodation status showing as “pending” on the NSFAS portal, he can see his meal allowance on Tenetech but cannot withdraw it. This situation has put him at risk of eviction due to delayed payments.

University Response

UKZN confirmed the protests and is currently assessing the damage. Normah Zondo, the executive director of UKZN Corporate Relations, reported that the protest involved violent actions, including setting bins alight and throwing stones at university staff and SAPS. Arrests have been made, and the university has strengthened its security measures.

Commitment to Dialogue

UKZN management is committed to addressing student concerns through open dialogue and constructive engagement. While condemning all forms of violence, the university encourages students to express their grievances peacefully and lawfully.

NSFAS and DHET Communication

The university stated it could not comment on NSFAS disbursement issues, noting that NSFAS and the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) are actively addressing the matter and are best positioned to provide updates.


The delays in NSFAS payments have caused significant distress among UKZN students, leading to protests and fears of eviction. It is crucial for NSFAS and relevant authorities to resolve these issues promptly to ensure students can focus on their studies without the added stress of housing insecurity.

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