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Journalism Course at UKZN 2024-2025



Journalism Course at UKZN 2024-2025

Journalism Course at UKZN 2024-2025 . The College of Humanities stands as the largest among UKZN’s four Colleges, serving as the hub for critical thinking, social commentary, and vigorous intellectual discourse. Often hailed as “The Soul of the University,” it is a space that fosters these essential elements. Specifically, we provide a master’s degree program in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Kwazulu Natal.

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UKZN Journalism Studies Undergraduate Entry Requirements

Important Undergraduate Information

What Do I Need to Be Accepted?

Individuals who finished Matric prior to 2008 need a Senior Certificate with Exemption and a cumulative total of 32 Matriculation points for admission to the School. For guidance on calculating your Matric points, please refer to the provided details.

Applicants who completed Matric after 2008 must possess a National Senior Certificate for degree study, a Level 4 proficiency in English (either as a home language or first additional language), and Life Orientation. Additionally, they should have an academic performance score of 28 (details on how to calculate this can be found here). Furthermore, applicants need to have attained a Level 5 in one of the following subjects: Business Studies, Consumer Studies, Dramatic Arts, Economics, Geography, History, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Mathematical Literacy, Music, Religion Studies, or Visual Arts.

For international students, it is necessary to approach the South African Matriculation Board to determine eligibility for degree entry. The recommended course of action is to seek guidance through consultation.

Majoring in Journalism & Cultural Studies

Upon entering university, determining your preferred and proficient subjects can be challenging. Hence, we strongly advise against prematurely selecting your majors. Instead, structure your initial year to maintain flexibility by exploring a variety of subjects, each potentially becoming a major. Towards the end of your first year, you can make informed decisions on the subjects to pursue and those to discard.

Should you opt for Media and Cultural Studies (MECS), here’s what you need to know:

The MECS major comprises eight modules (equivalent to 128 credit points).

During the course, you’ll cover two modules in the first year, two in the second year, and four in the third year.

Of the eight modules, five are mandatory, and the remaining three are electives, offering choices from a specified range of subjects.

Additionally, you’ll be required to major in another subject, also encompassing eight modules. Some recommended co-majors include Marketing, English, French, Fine Art, Digital Art, Political Science, Drama, and Psychology.

 FAQS: Journalism Course at UKZN 2024-2025

Q1:  What are the entry requirements for the UKZN Journalism Studies undergraduate program?

Ans: Matric prior to 2008: Senior Certificate with Exemption and a cumulative total of 32 Matriculation points.

  • Matric after 2008: National Senior Certificate, Level 4 proficiency in English, Life Orientation, and an academic performance score of 28.

Q2: How do international students determine eligibility for degree entry?

Ans: International students should approach the South African Matriculation Board for guidance on eligibility. Consultation is recommended for clarity.

Q3:  How should I approach majoring in Journalism and Cultural Studies at UKZN?

 Ans :Avoid prematurely selecting majors. Explore various subjects in your first year to maintain flexibility. MECS major consists of eight modules; five mandatory and three elective.


The College of Humanities at UKZN, as a hub for critical thinking, offers a master’s in Media and Cultural Studies. Clear entry requirements and guidance on major selection highlight the college’s commitment to academic excellence

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