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Doctoral Degree Earned by HR Manager at UKZN Umdoni Municipality



Doctoral Degree Earned by HR Manager at UKZN Umdoni Municipality

Doctoral Degree Earned by HR Manager at UKZN Umdoni Municipality. Dr. Bongiwe Mbatha, the Human Resources Manager at Umdoni Local Municipality, achieved a remarkable milestone by earning her Doctor of Business Administration degree during UKZN’s Spring Graduation ceremonies.

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Thesis Overview: at UKZN Umdoni Municipality

Mbatha thesis, supervised by Professors Thokozani Nzimakwe and Emmanuel Mutambara, focused on “The Role of Stakeholders Regarding Policy-Making in the Localised Sphere of Government in KwaZulu-Natal.”

Key Findings at UKZN Umdoni Municipality

The study highlighted significant influences of policy formulation on socio-economic development and its impact on service delivery. Challenges hindering policymaking in South African municipalities were identified, along with recommendations for improvement.

Mbatha Contribution

With extensive HR experience and multiple qualifications, Mbatha has positively impacted the Umdoni Municipality since joining in 2014. She has implemented various policies and procedures, improving working conditions and communication among stakeholders.

Future Endeavors at UKZN Umdoni Municipality

Mbatha aims to contribute further to policy drafting and aligning policies with legislation. She plans to share her findings through workshops and assist in research supervision and guest lecturing.


Dr. Bongiwe Mbatha dedication, supported by her supervisors and personal commitment, led to her remarkable achievement amidst challenges, demonstrating her potential to make significant contributions to academia and local governance.

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