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An Agricultural Economist Extols The Value Of Smallholder Farmers at UKZN



An Agricultural Economist Extols The Value Of Smallholder Farmers at UKZN

An Agricultural Economist Extols The Value Of Smallholder Farmers at UKZN. Professor Maxwell Mudhara, a distinguished figure in the field of Agricultural Economics within the College of Agriculture, Engineering, and Science at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), recently delivered his inaugural lecture.

His discourse centered on the pivotal role of smallholder farmers in agricultural sustainability, rural livelihoods, and environmental stewardship. Drawing from his extensive research, Mudhara emphasized the imperative of understanding the multifaceted nature of smallholder farming communities to devise effective strategies for their empowerment and development.

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The Significance of Smallholder Farmers

Professor Mudhara underscored the indispensable contribution of smallholder farmers to rural economies and global food security. He highlighted their potential in fostering sustainable livelihoods, poverty reduction, and environmental conservation.

By elucidating the intricate dynamics of smallholder farming, Mudhara advocated for tailored interventions that harness their strengths across economic, social, and environmental domains.

Policy Implications and Future Directions

Moreover, Mudhara delved into the policy implications of nurturing smallholder-driven development, both in South Africa and the broader Global South context. His insights shed light on pathways for enhancing the resilience and productivity of smallholder farming systems amidst evolving challenges such as climate change and economic globalization.

Contributions and Achievements

Professor Mudhara illustrious career spans decades of dedicated research and academic leadership. His expertise in the economics of smallholder farming has yielded significant scholarly contributions, influencing policy discourse and fostering sustainable agricultural practices.

Through his mentorship and prolific publication record, Mudhara has nurtured a new generation of agricultural economists and contributed to the scholarly community’s understanding of rural development dynamics.


Professor Maxwell Mudhara’s inaugural lecture encapsulated the essence of smallholder farming’s significance and the imperative of holistic approaches to unlock its potential. His scholarly endeavors and commitment to advancing agricultural economics have positioned him as a leading voice in sustainable rural development.

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