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Amended Notification Regarding Admission and Registration in 2024 | UKZN Registrar Office



Amended Notification Regarding Admission and Registration in 2024 | UKZN Registrar Office

Amended Notification Regarding Admission and Registration in 2024 | UKZN Registrar Office. The University is issuing this communication to clarify crucial points regarding the application, selection, admission, and registration processes for the year 2024.

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Roles and Responsibilities In UKZN

The Vice-Chancellor and Principal, supported by the Executive Management Committee, oversee the University’s day-to-day management. Academic decisions are guided by the Academic Decision Delegations (ADF), specifying responsible university structures and officials.

Application and Admission Process In UKZN

While the KZN Central Applications Office (CAO) handles undergraduate applications, the selection, admission, and registration processes are solely managed by UKZN staff. Applicants are urged to utilize the online system for application outcomes and registration details.

Admission Criteria and Process

Admission criteria include minimum academic requirements, industry experience, and computer literacy. Applicants with higher qualifications and experience are given preference. Credit transfers are not allowed, and RPL applicants must adhere to specific deadlines.

Enrollment and Registration

First-entry undergraduates must register remotely online. Late applications may be submitted through the KZN CAO’s virtual walk-in system. The Central Applications Clearing House (CACH) assists learners with placement opportunities.

Important Notices UKZN Registrar

  • All official information will be published on the UKZN website and social media platforms.
  • Offers, change of mind, and registration are conducted exclusively online.
  • Beware of false information spread through unofficial channels.
  • The University will not invite applicants to campus for any reason.
  • Firm offers will be made after the release of the 2023 National Senior Certificate results.
  • A virtual Parents Day and remote online registration/orientation week are scheduled.
  • Entry to campuses is restricted to registered students only.
  • The University does not offer Matric Upgrade classes and disclaims any relationship with such entities.
  • Applicant information will not be shared with third parties without explicit consent due to the POPI Act.

FAQS: Amended Notification Regarding Admission and Registration in 2024 | UKZN Registrar Office

Q1. How can I apply for admission to UKZN for the 2024 academic year?

Ans: For undergraduate applications, please submit your application through the KZN Central Applications Office (CAO) website ( Ensure that you meet the minimum academic requirements and deadlines specified by the CAO. For international students, please contact the UKZN International Office for application procedures.

Q2. Can I change my mind after accepting an offer of admission?

Ans: Yes, UKZN allows for a change of mind after accepting an offer of admission. However, this process is conducted exclusively online. Please refer to the official UKZN website and communication channels for instructions on how to proceed with changing your enrollment preferences.

Q3. When will I receive confirmation of my registration at UKZN?

Ans: Once you have successfully completed the registration process, including academic and, if applicable, residence registration, you will receive an official letter from UKZN confirming your registration status. Until then, please refrain from visiting any UKZN campus, as only registered students are permitted entry.


The University emphasizes adherence to official channels for application, admission, and registration processes. Applicants and stakeholders are encouraged to stay updated through official UKZN platforms and exercise caution against misinformation.

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