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A Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership From UKZN



A Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership From UKZN

A Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership From UKZN. The Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) aims to cultivate authentic leaders capable of driving positive change in today’s dynamic world. This overview delves into the program’s objectives, target audience, curriculum, and delivery format.

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Who Should Apply?

Ideal for professionals in both private and public sectors seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities, the program caters to individuals occupying or aspiring to organizational leadership roles. Specialists aiming for managerial positions will benefit from the program’s interdisciplinary approach.

Program Benefits Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership

  • Interdisciplinary Learning: Strengthen and deepen knowledge and conceptualization of leadership.
  • High-Level Engagement: Foster intellectual independence in organizational leadership theory.
  • Theory-Practice Integration: Develop critical thinking skills to integrate theory into real-world applications.
  • Navigating Complexity: Equip students with tools to lead effectively in turbulent environments.
  • Reflective Skills: Cultivate the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to work situations through reflection.

Learning Goals Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership

The program emphasizes process knowledge, focusing on personal mastery, effective team leadership, strategic thinking, and global challenges response. It aims to produce leaders capable of navigating complexity and fostering systemic change.

Program Delivery Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership

Offered in both full-time and part-time formats, the program delivers modules online over a two-week period, allowing for flexibility in scheduling. The curriculum comprises seven modules facilitated by experienced academics and industry practitioners.

Module List Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership

  • Advanced Leadership Theories and Practices
  • Organisational Dynamics
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Systems Thinking
  • Practitioner Research for Leaders
  • Elective Courses: Managing Complexity, Project Leadership

FAQS: A Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership From UKZN

Q1: Who is the target audience for the Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership?

Ans: Professionals in private and public sectors seeking to enhance leadership skills and specialists aspiring to managerial roles.

Q2:What are the program key benefits?

Ans: Interdisciplinary learning, high-level engagement, theory-practice integration, navigating complexity, and reflective skills development.

Q3: How is the program delivered?

Ans: Offered in flexible full-time or part-time formats, with online modules delivered over two weeks per module, accommodating diverse schedules.


The UKZN Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership offers a comprehensive approach to leadership development, blending theory with practice to produce effective leaders capable of navigating complex organizational landscapes. For further inquiries, contact Ms. Nondumiso Ngcongo at

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