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Award Nomination For UKZN Alumnus



Award Nomination For UKZN Alumnus

Award Nomination For UKZN Alumnus. College of Law and Management Studies alumnus, Mr. Thembalethu Mahlangu literary masterpiece, I Believe: Letter To The Youth, has garnered attention and acclaim, earning a nomination for the esteemed The Book Behind Awards. This annual recognition celebrates the contributions of young authors, fostering a culture of reading and writing while spotlighting emerging talents like Mahlangu.

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Exploring the Book Impact

Mahlangu’s book delves into the intricacies of youth life, addressing key themes of dreams, obstacles, failure, and contentment. It serves as a guiding light for today’s youth, offering insights and motivation to navigate life’s challenges and pursue their aspirations relentlessly.

In a statement, Mahlangu expressed his motivation behind crafting the book, stating, “Today’s youth suffer from hopelessness and demotivation. Most motivational books are written by older people who don’t relate to our preferences which is why many young people aren’t interested in reading them. This book, which is a message from youth to youth aims to fill this gap.”

Juggling Academia and Authorship

Despite the demands of academia and extracurricular activities, Mahlangu dedicated himself to the completion of his book. Balancing his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at UKZN’s College of Law and Management Studies with his role as the Chairperson for the One Love feeding scheme and a mentor for first-year students, Mahlangu’s perseverance shines through.

Reflecting on his journey, Mahlangu acknowledges the support he received, particularly from Mr. P Ndaba from Student Governance Leadership and Development, whose mentorship proved invaluable.

Empowering Future Authors

Mahlangu’s book has already made an impact, being recognized and utilized for a book review competition. However, winning The Book Behind Awards would not only validate his efforts but also serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring authors, especially students.

In Mahlangu words, “Winning this prestigious award will inspire others to keep their heads up and focus on chasing their dreams.” He sees his success as a representation of possibilities for young Africans, especially those from rural areas and townships, challenging stereotypes and opening doors for future literary endeavors.


As the voting window for The Book Behind Awards remains open until the end of August, Mahlangu urges support for his book, I Believe: Letter To The Youth. With each vote, there an opportunity to uplift not only Mahlangu but also the voices of young authors and the empowerment of youth through literature.

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