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UKZN Application

UKZN Bursaries Application 2024-2025



UKZN Bursaries Application 2024-2025

UKZN Bursaries Application 2024-2025. Bursaries, as generous gifts for financially needy students, require no repayment. However, due to limited funds, they are typically granted to academically outstanding individuals capable of completing their degrees efficiently.

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Eligibility and Awarding Process


Administered mostly to returning undergraduate students at UKZN, these bursaries are granted post-registration to financially needy applicants. Eligibility hinges on a gross family income below R150,000 per year, paying 100% of registered courses in the previous year, and achieving an average mark above 64.5% in those courses.

The bursary’s value, often determined by sponsors, cannot exceed full study costs. Higher average marks result in higher bursary values. In 2013, a student achieving above 74.5% might be awarded R25,000, while those between 64.5% and 74.5% could receive R12,500.

UKZN Bursaries Funding Sources

Derived from Deceased Estates or Company Social Responsibility funds, these bursaries undergo adjustments for students on NSFAS loan/bursaries and those with external sponsorships.

Our major internal sponsors include

  • The Emma Smith Educational Trust
  • The Cecil Renaud Educational Trust
  • The Victor Daitz Foundation
  • The Terry & Gladys Champaign Educational Trust
  • The United Kingdom Trust

For additional external sponsors, the website provides a comprehensive database.

Contract Bursaries: A Different Approach

Contract bursaries involve an agreement with a company or organization. Sponsored individuals commit to working for the donor for a specified period, typically one year for every year sponsored, at the applicable salary for the job.

External Trusts| A Grateful Acknowledgment

Administered by Student Funding, external trusts receive annual donations from various contributors. When applying for Financial Aid, students are automatically considered based on the prevailing policies, parameters, and donor-specific criteria.


Bursaries serve as vital support for students facing financial constraints, allowing them to pursue education without the burden of repayment. Understanding the eligibility criteria and various funding sources enhances the chances of securing these invaluable resources.

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