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NSFAS Allowance Payments Schedule for UKZN Students 2023



NSFAS Allowance Payments Schedule for UKZN Students 2023

NSFAS Allowance Payments Schedule for UKZN Students 2023. This article provides crucial information about the National Student Financial Aid Scheme NSFAS 2023 allowance payment dates specifically tailored for University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) students.

It covers essential details such as the payment schedule, eligible categories of recipients, and the payment methods employed.

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NSFAS Allowance Payments Schedule for UKZN Students 2023

Highlighting the fee structure for the academic year 2023/2024, this section explains that NSFAS funding encompasses the actual cost of tuition and prescribed learning materials.

It clarifies that the funding caters to the specific program a student is registered for, taking into account variations in fees across fields of study and institutions.

Additionally, it touches on the provision of subsidized accommodation and living costs, including meals, based on eligibility. The article emphasizes that the bursary funding spans the entire duration of study and does not necessitate any repayment.

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Challenges and Initiatives

Acknowledging the challenges associated with NSFAS and grant payments, this section reassures readers that plans have been formulated to commence payments in 2021. The article further assures that specific dates have been set for the disbursement of payments to approved beneficiaries.

By structuring the information under these headings, readers can easily navigate and comprehend the key aspects of NSFAS allowance payments for UKZN students.

Payments of NSFAS Allowances – Dates for 2023

First Semester

Cycle 1 – All Campuses

Monday 06 February 2023

Cycle 2 – All Campuses

Monday 06 March 2023
Cycle 3 – All Campuses Monday

03 April 2023

Cycle 4 – All Campuses


02 May 2023

Cycle 5 – All Campuses Monday

05 June 2023

Second Semester

Cycle 6 – Medical School

Monday 03 July 2023

Cycle 6 – All Other Campuses

Friday 07 July 2023
Cycle 7 – All Campuses Tuesday

01 August 2023

Cycle 8 – All Campuses

Monday 04 September 2023
Cycle 9 – All Campuses Monday

02 October 2023

Cycle 10 – All Campuses (Final payment for 2023) Monday

06 November 2023

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