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Diploma in Law 2024-2025 at UZKN



Diploma in Law 2024-2025 at UZKN

Diploma in Law 2024-2025 at UZKN. Discover a comprehensive guide to the diverse diploma and certificate courses offered by the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). Delve into the details across various colleges for a thorough understanding. Click here to learn more.

Please be aware that the campus abbreviations in this information correspond to specific locations as follows:

  • E = Edgewood
  • H = Howard College
  • M = Medical School
  • P = Pietermaritzburg
  • W = Westville

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College of Agriculture Engineering and Science

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

  • Agricultural (H&P)
  • Chemical (H&P)
  • Civil (H&P)
  • Computer (H&P)
  • Electrical (H&P)
  • Electronic (H&P)
  • Mechanical (H&P)
  • Extended Programme (H)

Bachelor of Science

  • Land Surveying (H)
  • Property Development (H)
  • Agricultural Extensions and Rural Resource Management (P – Cedara College)
  • Agricultural Management (P)
  • Agriculture (P)
  • Agribusiness (P)
  • Agricultural Economics (P)
  • Agricultural Plant Sciences (P)
  • Animal and Poultry Science (P)
  • Plant Pathology (P)
  • Soil Science (P)
  • Stream LES (Life Earth Sciences) (P&W)
  • Stream M (Mathematics) (P&W)
  • Applied Chemistry (W)
  • Biological Science (P&W)
  • Chemistry and Chemical Technology (P)
  • Computer Science and Information Technology (P&W)
  • Crop and Horticultural Science (P)
  • Dietetics (P)
  • Environmental Science (P&W)
  • Environmental Earth Science (P&W)
  • Geological Science (W)
  • Industrial and Applied Biotechnology (P)
  • Marine Biology (W)
  • Augmented Programme (P&W)

College of Health Sciences

Bachelor Programs

  • Audiology (W)
  • Speech-Language Therapy (W)
  • Dental Therapy (W)
  • Medical Science: Anatomy (W)
  • Medical Science: Physiology (W)
  • Occupational Therapy (W)
  • Optometry (W)
  • Pharmacy (W)
  • Physiotherapy (W)
  • Sport Science (W)
  • Nursing (H)
  • Medicine & Surgery (M)

College of Humanities

Bachelor Programs

  • Education (E)
  • Arts in General Studies (H&P)
  • Cultural & Heritage Tourism (H)
  • Philosophy, Politics, and Law (H&P)
  • International Studies (P)
  • Music (H)
  • Music & Drama Performance (H)
  • Visual Art (P)
  • Social Sciences in General Studies (H & P)
  • Soc Sc Geography & Environmental Management (H & P)
  • Soc Sc Government, Business & Ethics (P)
  • Soc Sc Housing (H)
  • Architectural Studies (H)
  • Social Work (H)
  • Theology (P)
  • Social Sciences Extended Curriculum Programme (H&P)

College of Law and Management Studies

Bachelor Programs

  • Laws (H & P)
  • Laws (part-time) (H & P)
  • Administration (W)
  • Business Administration (P & W)
  • Business Science (P & W)
  • Commerce (P & W)
  • Commerce Accounting (P & W)
  • Commerce Extended Curriculum (General) (P & W)
  • Commerce Extended Curriculum (Accounting) (P & W)

FAQs:Diploma in Law 2024-2025 at UZKN

Q1: How can I access information about the various diploma and certificate courses offered by UKZN?

Ans:Visit for detailed insights into the diverse courses available across different colleges.

Q2: What do the campus abbreviations (E, H, M, P, W) signify in the course information?

Ans:The abbreviations correspond to specific locations: Edgewood, Howard College, Medical School, Pietermaritzburg, and Westville.

Q3: Can I find information about specific programs within the College of Humanities or College of Health Sciences?

Ans: Yes, the detailed list covers Bachelor Programs in areas such as Education, Arts, Sciences, and Health Sciences within the respective colleges.


Explore the extensive range of diploma and certificate courses offered by the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) across various campuses. The comprehensive guide provides detailed insights into programs offered by different colleges, catering to diverse academic interests.


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