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Degree Course in B.Com at UKZN in 2024-2025



Degree Course in B.Com at UKZN in 2024-2025

Degree Course in B.Com at UKZN in 2024-2025. The program caters to students in Economic and Management Sciences who fall short of BCom degree requirements, serving as a gateway to BCom degrees in Management or Financial Sciences.

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Application Process for South African Applicants

Requirements include the National Senior Certificate for Degree Studies or a Senior Certificate with endorsement. English proficiency is necessary, with specific criteria for the College of Law.

How to Apply via Central Applications Office (CAO)

First-time applicants must apply through the CAO, obtaining forms and a handbook. An online application option is available, and unique CAO reference numbers are crucial.

UKZN Online Application

The university offers an online application system for various applicant categories, with specific instructions and an application fee.

Direct Applications to UKZN

Previously registered students, those applying for non-degree studies, and applicants for Semester 2 must apply directly. Application forms are accessible online and through specified channels.

International Applicants

International students must follow a separate application process, with specific forms and fees. The closing dates for applications are crucial for both South African and international applicants.

Closing Dates

For Semester 1 (Feb) 2022, Medicine programs have an earlier deadline. Late applications are not permitted in January. Semester 2 (August) 2022 has a specific deadline, and limited new applications are accepted, particularly in Humanities and Management Studies.

Application Fees

Application fees differ for South African and international applicants, with distinctions for on-time and late applications.

Program Duration

The program spans four years, providing a comprehensive academic journey for students.

FAQS:Degree Course in B.Com at UKZN in 2024-2025

Q1: Can I apply directly to UKZN without going through the Central Applications Office (CAO)?

Ans:Yes, certain applicants, such as returning UKZN students, those applying for non-degree studies, and applicants for Semester 2, can apply directly to UKZN. However, first-time South African undergraduate applicants should apply through the CAO.

Q2: What are the language requirements for admission to UKZN, and are there any exceptions?

Ans: The medium of instruction at UKZN is English, and a pass in English (Home Language or First Additional Language) at Level 4 (50% or above) is generally required. The College of Law has specific requirements, and lower English performance may be acceptable for some programs. In the Senior Certificate, a pass for English at First or Second Language HG E is required.

Q3: What is the application fee, and how can I pay it?

Ans: The application fee for South African applicants is R210 for on-time applications and R420 for late applications. International applicants from SADC and the rest of Africa pay R490, while those outside Africa pay $153. Payment details are typically provided on the application forms, and proof of payment must be submitted with the application.


This program offers a valuable opportunity for students aspiring to pursue BCom degrees in Management or Financial Sciences, providing clear guidelines for application and admission, both for local and international applicants.

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