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New UKZN Impi Team Coach Reveals Plans for the Year



New UKZN Impi Team Coach Reveals Plans for the Year

New UKZN Impi Team Coach Reveals Plans for the Year.Naseeb Abrahams, the newly appointed coach of the UKZN Impi rugby team, discusses his strategies for the upcoming season amid expectations of transforming the team’s fortunes.

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Coach Vision and Strategy

Abrahams acknowledges the pressure associated with his role and aims to elevate the UKZN Impi to greater success in the FNB Varsity Shield. He emphasizes the need for improved preparations and player development to enhance team performance.

Experience and Background

Despite being new to the UKZN coaching position, Abrahams brings a wealth of experience from his diverse rugby background, spanning both playing and coaching roles at various levels.

Identity and Values

Abrahams emphasizes the importance of fostering a sense of identity and camaraderie within the team, focusing on values that extend beyond the rugby field. He stresses the significance of players’ academic pursuits and personal growth alongside their athletic endeavors.

Unity and Improvement

Recognizing the need to unite the team, Abrahams expresses optimism regarding the positive mindset exhibited by the players. He remains committed to enhancing team cohesion and performance, striving for continuous improvement.

Technical Staff and Support

Abrahams highlights the key members of his coaching staff and support team, emphasizing the collaborative effort required to achieve the team’s goals.


As the new coach of the UKZN Impi, Naseeb Abrahams articulates a vision of holistic development for the team, emphasizing values, unity, and continuous improvement as the pillars of success in the upcoming season.

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